When do you need to start the Senior Project (CSCI 491)?

Typically three quarters before you graduate. Summer does not count since 49x is not offered during the summer. If it takes you one more quarter after finishing 493, it is okay.

What types of Senior Projects are out there?

Research and software. Research is all about analysis and producing a research paper as the main output. Software products are the main output, although research produces some code usually too.

What courses are easier or more difficult to take with others?

I cannot provide any information about that since this is subjective. Some people are better than others in different subjects. Your best and most current source of this information is other students.

What courses to take in what priority?

There is no priority for most 300x and 400x courses, however, my advice is when you see an elective available take it. There is a limited amount of electives and they are required for you to graduate.

When do you need to apply for Graduation?

One quarter before you graduate.

What do you need for Senior Project override and Graduation?

You need to go to DegreeWorks:

Can you get an override for other courses that you are waitlisted?

It depends, but typically unlikely. You need to message the instructor of the course. If there is a serious reason, you may be able to get an override.

Other requests

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