Privacy in Social Networks

Truta, T., Tsikerdekis, M., Zeadally, S. (2015).
Privacy in Social Networks
Privacy in a Digital Networked World. Editors S. Zeadally and M. Badra, Springer, London, ISBN 978-3-319-08469-5

The worldwide Web has radically changed the way we communicate and interact with each other and how we manage our privacy. A good example of this is the ability to take photos that automatically include geographical information (often referred to as geotagging) and share them with a circle of friends. Traditional photos did not contain any geographical information and so questions that usually followed went along the lines of “where was this taken?” Such sentences are becoming obsolete and this is just one of the myriads of changes in our 21st-century digital lives. Of course change may not always be for the better. In the past decade we have seen cases where social media made news as the dangers of exposing one’s private life where made apparent. Employees have been stalked online by ...