Journeys of the Lost


An immortal man cursed with the ability to see the dead must protect a god in mortal form from a looming evil that threatens the world.

Cursed for an eternity, Cane is an immortal man who can see the dead and walks the Earth as a punishment for killing a god. Living an existence of pain and suffering for centuries, he has been reduced to hunting monsters lurking in the shadows of our 21st-century world.

But when a god is awakened in a mortal body, Cane’s torturous reality is disrupted. Her past is a mystery, and a threat is seeking to destroy her. As Cane fights to save her from this looming evil, he discovers that her true identity is tied to his past and that her fate is intricately intertwined with his own.

Journeys of the Lost: The Saga of Cane is a contemporary supernatural fiction novel that blends historical locations and facts with storytelling. It is the first in a planned series of three and features a colorful cast of characters, including strong women, LGBT, and ethnically diverse characters.

The book also includes light romance and explores themes of determination, defiance, injustice, and redemption. The adventure will take readers across the globe, from Israel to China, North America, and even Antarctica, as sinister forces threaten to destroy the world.

If you liked HIS DARK MATERIALS, or HIGHLANDER, you will LOVE this book.

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