What is the probability of getting an academic job?

It is an interesting thought experiment that can be dissected in several ways depending on how it is addressed.

So, I figured why not just create github.com Shiny R application that builds estimates depending on the input. The current formula is a crude estimation that assumes there in an N population of positions that become available based on an independent probabiltiy p and there is a competing number of w applicants which are chosen at random. For CS and CE jobs in US and Canada based on CRA's survey data is around 50%.

Hiding your real IP from the Internet using a proxy and securing it through your firewall

This article is not about setting up a proxy on your browser, skype or torrents. This is easy! Just go on your application's options and setup your proxy. You should of course have access to a proxy server that ideally does not retain any log files. If they do, then if those log files can be accessed by someone then your traffic history would be available to them. So, you got your proxy server (paid or free) with no log files and you have its port and authentication (if any). You set everything up on your browser or torrent application and that's it, right?

Bayes Factor

Contrary to NHST where you have a p value along with the effect size to determine whether there is an effect and how big is it, Bayes factor answers both of these questions.