WWU Students or Prospective Students

Interested in working on a research project (e.g., pursuing research in Forensics/Security and Social Computing) through graduate studies, independent study or otherwise? I am always on the lookout for dedicated undergraduate and graduate students that want to gain more experience and discover interesting things. Contact me

Hello there and welcome to my personal website!

I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Western Washington University, located in the small but quaint city of Bellingham WA. My scientific research theme lies at the intersection of computational systems and social systems, and my research interests revolve around online deception, social engineering, data mining and machine learning.

Currently, I am focused on developing algorithmic and other design solutions for deception detection and prevention as well as enhancing collaboration and performance in various domains.

My background is in Computer Science and covers many years of interdisciplinary work in academic departments varying from Sociology to Information Science. In past projects, I have also been actively involved in online communities, web development & design. My spare time is mostly spent reading and writing fiction themes which I both thoroughly enjoy, along with developing and participating in online communities from which I draw my inspiration for my scientific studies.

On a more personal level, I should also mention my great love and appreciation for the outdoors and the energy that feeds my inner self from the experiences created in the natural world with my beautiful family. Parallel to this, lies my utter devotion to the world of video games (of all genres) and the adventures created within the digital world.

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications